Contribution recovery

Step - 1: Find your persoanl Vault Address:

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Wallet Address
Vault Address
Cashback Processed

Step - 2: Recovery using MyEtherWallet:

Make sure you're using the same wallet you used when sending the initial ETH balance
1. Find your vault address using step 1
2. Go to MEW and select the contracts tab,
Make sure the gas price you're using is at least the Standard Network rate.
3. Paste your Vault Address (the one you got at step 1) in the Contract Address Field
[ { "constant": false, "inputs": [], "name": "ReleaseFundsToInvestor", "outputs": [], "payable": false, "stateMutability": "nonpayable", "type": "function" } ]
5. Paste ABI into MEW "ABI / JSON Interface" field and click Access
6. Select the ReleaseFundsToInvestor from the Dropdown
7. Access your wallet using your preferred method then click Write
8. Set 200 000 Gas Limit then click Generate Transaction
9. Validate everything and Make transaction.
Finished. Once your transaction is mined, your ETH will be returned to your wallet.